"Authentic American Style Bagels Made In Ireland"
Broadway Bagels was founded in 2002 in County Waterford Ireland, by husband and wife Des and Rosie Sheehan.

Our Bagels are now available in Spain, France and Italy. Recently Rosie met An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny and explained to him the art of bagel-making!.

"Broadway Bagels makes other bagels pale into insignificance.."
Tom Doorley, Food Critic, The Irish Daily Mail

"Fantastic products... Fantastic Company!"
Jay Bourke, restaurateur and co-host The Mentor on RTE1. Elsewhere on this website you can watch some video clips of Broadway Bagels TV appearances.

Broadway Bagels has but one job... to make great, tasty, authentic bagels. It's all they do, so they have to be great!

What makes our bagels great?

  • They are made to an authentic, secret New York formula, using only the freshest ingredients - sourced in Ireland.
  • They are dairy-free.
  • They have less than 2% fat and contain no preservatives, no additives and no cholesterol!!!
  • And... it doesn't hurt that Rosie is a real New Yorker who should know from real bagels, because if a real New Yorker doesn't know what a real bagel is, than the universe just doesn't make sense!!
Broadway Bagels, Ireland
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